Wednesday, March 11, 2009

En Abdullah Stories

I am a 65 year old man, living on Pulau Redang, which is the closest island with human habitat. In late 1970s to 1992, there were a lot of vietnamese boat people landed on our island shore. Although they stayed for very short moment (a day or two), but the encounters were life significants. They told me thousand stories about horror, creulty, hunger and even death. When they landed at a jetty near my house, my family offered them food, water and clothes. In return the gave me pots, pans and big vase as a token of appreciation. I would love to reunite with those who gave me those items.
Abdullah, 11 Mar 2009, Pulau Redang

The yellow big vase ( Mr, Lamvi please give the correct name if you know about that )


  1. That vase is used to store water or rice.

  2. In Vietnamese, its name is Lu nước.